Dzamling Gar - The Vision


Dzogchen Communities of the whole world As soon as possible,
in a relaxed manner, Come to Dzamling Gar!
Let’s unite our strength and capacity Dzogchen Communities,
unite all your strength and capacity.
Dzamling Gar Song (abridged) - Chogyal Namkhai Norbu

Dzamling Gar was purchased in December 2012 and is an ambitious project that is to become the global Gar, the central hub for the activities of the International Dzogchen Community worldwide.

There are Dzogchen Community members in many countries all over the world. The activities in each country are linked to and support regional centres or Gars. Currently there are Gars Russia, Europe, Asia (coming soon), South America, North America and Australia. Each regional Gar acts as a hub for the individual countries of that region. Dzamling Gar is to become the central hub that pulls all of the regional Gars together. Each region will take ownership of one of the houses on the land and conduct activities that pull the Community together both internationally and locally.

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